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Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory is family-owned and operated. We offer dignified funeral and cremation services to families and their loved ones at affordable prices because we understand that in this time of grief, it's important that we help you with both the psychological and economic difficulties.


When you have a cremation service for a loved one, you will likely get a lot of support from family and friends who attend the service or send their condolences. Once the cremation services are over, you may be looking for a way to show your family members and friends how much you appreciate their support. Call today at (414) 546-4342.






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Common Questions: Information about Cremations in Milwaukee, WI


When laying a loved one to rest, consider whether cremation or burial is the right fit for the final resting place. There are pros and cons to both services. As you learn more about cremations in Milwaukee, WI, it’s easy to see why many families choose cremation as an alternative service instead of a traditional burial.


These quality services give you flexibility when choosing end-of-life care for yourself or a loved one. We offer a variety of solutions, including both direct cremation and full-service events with cremation. The simplest way to get started is to schedule a consultation so we can discuss available services.


FAQ About Cremations in Milwaukee, WI

What do you know about cremation services? If you are just starting to learn about the industry, it’s vital to understand how cremation works and what types of services are available. The more you know about available options, the better prepared you will be to choose the right services for your family.


Our experienced team is happy to answer your questions, with the goal of helping you identify the services that are a good fit for your traditions and preferences. These are some of the most common questions we hear when talking to families about cremation services:

How quickly can a cremation be completed?

We understand that most families want to find closure in their grief, which is why they are focused on a tight timeline to finish the cremation services. Before we can move forward with cremation, a few essential steps need to be followed. For example, a medical examiner needs to examine the body, and the next-of-kin needs to be notified. Most often, a person can be cremated within 48 to 72 hours after death.

How much is the cost of cremation?

When the family budget is tight, cremation is a great solution to reduce the overall expenses of these services. A traditional burial can be expensive. On the other hand, cremation can cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a casket, burial plot, headstone, and other associated services.

Do I need to buy an urn?

We offer a variety of urn styles you can choose from our funeral home. Or, the remains can be placed in a temporary container if you are planning to scatter the ashes. It’s up to you to choose if you would like to invest in a memorial urn.

Can the body be embalmed before cremation?

Yes, you have the option to choose embalming services before cremation. The most common reason for embalming is that the family would like to have a viewing or visitation before scheduling the cremation service. Embalming is optional if you are planning a direct cremation.

What does direct cremation include?

If you choose a direct cremation package, then it means that our team will assist with the basic services that are required. Often, direct cremation includes transportation, cremation services, and applicable paperwork. We do not help with any other services, such as a memorial or a funeral. Direct cremation is often the most cost-effective solution to save money.

Can we plan a funeral before/after the cremation?

Yes, you always have the opportunity to plan a funeral or memorial service. One option is to hold a traditional funeral before the event. We can arrange a casket rental if desired. The other option is to complete the cremation, then have a memorial or celebration of life for family and friends to attend.

Can cremated ashes be placed in a cemetery?

Just because you choose cremation doesn’t mean that your loved one can’t be laid to rest in a local cemetery. Sometimes families prefer cremation for traditional or cultural reasons. But they want to have a location to visit with a headstone. If you choose cremation and want to bury the ashes, then you can pick a burial urn to place in the burial plot of your choice.

What is involved in cremation preplanning?

When someone knows that they prefer cremation instead of regular burial services, it can help talk to a funeral home about preplanning services for cremations in Milwaukee, WI. We will discuss available services and finalize the plan in advance. This preplanning approach can happen at any time. It gives you comfort in knowing that your wishes are known when you are gone.


It’s normal to have a lot of questions about cremation and funeral planning. When these questions arise, simply reach out to our team to talk to an industry expert. We’ll guide your choices and offer information about how you can plan the right services for your loved one.


Quality Cremations for Families in Milwaukee, WI


Is it time for you to schedule cremations in Milwaukee, WI? Whether you are preparing services for yourself or you need to coordinate an event for a loved one, your funeral service provider is here to assist. Call today!

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