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 Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory is family-owned and operated. We offer dignified funeral and cremation services to families and their loved ones at affordable prices because we understand that in this time of grief, it's important that we help you with both psychological and economic difficulties.

 Our funeral staff is experienced in understanding and graciously accommodating the needs of all beliefs, faiths, lifestyles, and relationships. We're here to answer your questions and guide you through the decisions you'll need to make, and will encourage you to take your time to figure out the most meaningful and fitting way to honor your loved one. For immediate assistance, call us at (414) 546-4342 to speak with a funeral director.



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Whether you’re planning a funeral or memorial service for an immediate need or arranging one for a distant future day, the planning process should address important essentials of the occasion. The needs of your deceased loved one and family must come first. An experienced funeral and cremation provider in Milwaukee, WI knows this and will serve as a compassionate guide through the steps of service planning.


A commemorative funeral or memorial service brings family, friends, and community together to honor the person who has died. This gathering together in remembrance of the deceased aids the grieving process by marking the significance of their life and passing. The service also helps each individual not to feel alone in their loss. Rather, the burden of grief is shared with others who similarly cared about the person in life.


When planning a funeral service, the person responsible must choose how they wish to disposition the remains of the deceased and what kind of services should be held in their remembrance. There is no one correct way for a family or individual to plan a funeral or memorial service. The highest priority is that the service brings comfort to the family and others who attend.


Disposition Choices


Deciding how you will care for the remains of the deceased will inform how the rest of the service planning process will go. There are variations on burial and cremation that you can choose from according to personal preferences. Here are the most common options to consider:

Traditional Burial

Burials can occur below ground in a grave space, or above ground in a sepulcher or mausoleum entombment. Choosing these types of burial requires the purchase of a burial site, vault or grave liner, casket, and a monument or headstone.

Green Burial

A green burial is an excellent choice for those who wish to be buried in a natural manner without the use of embalming chemicals or a traditional casket. The cost can be more favorable and service proceedings will be more immediate.

Cremation with Flame

Using flame and intense heat, a body can be reduced to ash and bone. The remains are then processed into coarse sand, containerized, and returned to the family for interment or scattering as they might wish.

Cremation with Water

Formally called alkaline hydrolysis, this type of cremation uses water, low heat, and pressure to accelerate decomposition. The remaining soft bone fragments are completely sterile. After the cremation cycle is completed, the remains are powdered into fine sand and laid to rest as the family sees fit.


You can inquire further about these disposition options from your local funeral and cremation provider in Milwaukee, WI. Our professionals at Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory are well versed in the details and can answer any questions you may have.


Commemorative Service Types


Choosing the kind of service you wish to hold for the deceased will influence how the occasion will be conducted. You’ll want to select the service type that you feel is most appropriate for the person who has died. If you’re not sure, ask yourself a few questions. What would the deceased person have wanted from the experience? Was the deceased a person of faith or religious belief? Did the deceased ever make their wishes known in life, either orally or in writing? Reflecting on such questions can help you determine the right service type. Here are several service styles that people choose:

Traditional Funeral

A common and beloved service style. It generally includes a viewing reception, funeral ceremony, and possibly a graveside committal service. The deceased’s body is in attendance. Services may include a eulogy, music, readings of poetry, scripture, etc. It often has a religious tone, but can avoid this altogether if preferred.

Memorial Service

This service style functions much the same as a traditional funeral, but the remains of the person who has died are not present. Memorials can be held long after death and burial or cremation has occurred. The memories are the focus of the occasion and not the presence of the deceased’s body.

Life Celebration

Instead of a subdued or gloomy funeral service, some families choose to personalize the occasion with a celebration of life, focusing on the joy that their life has brought them. The celebration can be whatever it needs to be, but commonly includes good food and a party-like atmosphere. In many ways, it is similar to other joyful milestones in life, such as a wedding, baby shower, graduation, or holiday gala. Happy memories are often shared in honor of the deceased.


Making the Choice: Funeral and Cremation Options in Milwaukee, WI

At Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory, our dedicated funeral care professionals are here to assist you to plan a meaningful farewell for your loved one in the way that you want it. If you’re ready for a funeral and cremation service in Milwaukee, WI, visit our funeral home at 10210 W Lincoln Ave Milwaukee, WI 53227 for a helpful conversation. Or call us at (414) 546-4342 to speak with a funeral director.


Funeral Home FAQ

How much does a funeral cost in Milwaukee?

Funerals in Milwaukee can be expensive, with prices typically ranging between $7,500 and $10,000. This cost includes service fees for preparers and staff, transportation of the body to the crematorium or burial site, a grave liner if burial is chosen, and all necessary permits. Depending on the wishes of the deceased or their family, funeral services such as viewings or embalming may also be purchased at an additional charge. If a casket is desired for burial, this can add a substantial amount to the total cost. In some cases, burial insurance or other such policies can help families cover the costs of funerals in Milwaukee.

How do I find an obituary in Wisconsin?

Finding an obituary in Wisconsin is relatively simple with the help of online resources. Websites such as Wisconsin Obituaries are dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of recent and past obituaries from all areas of the state. These services allow you to search by name, location, newspaper, or even keywords associated with the obituary. Accessing these resources, as well as local libraries, can also lead to more accurate results from original newspaper archives. Additionally, several well-maintained digital databases supply scanned copies of old newspapers containing necessary reading materials - a phenomenal resource for locating obituary information. With these tools at your disposal, you should be able to track down whatever details you need on an individual in no time!

Planning a funeral can be both stressful and expensive. The costs associated with funerals often exceed expected, making it difficult to handle during an already emotional time. Fortunately, there are some ways of managing pensions that can still recognize the life and legacy of a lost loved one in a way that minimizes costs. Researching options for reusable caskets and having a gathering outside of a funeral home or place of worship are just two ideas that could help lower the overall cost. 

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