Celebrating The Anniversary Of A Loved One’s Death

When someone dies on their anniversary, strange things happen. If someone you miss so deeply has passed, can you "celebrate" their life? Is there anything you should do during this time to cope with your grief and heal? Can you cope with the loss of a loved one without becoming overwhelmed? Should you ignore or forget about the loss of a loved one? You may want to think about family members, friends, or neighbors who have lost a spouse or child. On the anniversary of the death of a loved one, how can you comfort them? Should you do anything or say anything? The following suggestions are for a lasting tribute after cremation services in West Allis, WI for a loved one.


Take the Day Off

The challenges we face today are numerous. You may remember celebrating your last anniversary just yesterday. On the "day of", you may still be feeling raw even though your grief has subsided. Take time to grieve, journal, reflect, pray, walk, or relax. It would be best if you left early today. Skip some of your daily chores and avoid scheduling any major activities. Relax for a while.


Write Down Your Feelings

Today, you may want to keep a journal to reflect on your day. Inspiration for a poem may have come from a loved one. Could you tell your loved one anything right now if they were here? The therapeutic benefits of writing cannot be overstated. Grief journals can be kept in notebooks, letters, or notepads on computers. A digital file or notebook should be updated annually. You can see how your writing has evolved by reviewing your previous entries.


Print Some Photos

In the digital age, going without a camera has almost become impossible. Using social media platforms or from your phone, you can print pictures. There are several websites that provide printing services, including Instagram and other social media websites. Your phone can also be used to print photos with many printers. To have the files printed, you will need to email or upload them to the printer unless you bring a zip drive.


Visit Their Final Resting Place

It is traditional to visit the gravesite of your deceased loved one the day after their death to pay respects. You could choose to bury them in a cemetery, or a mausoleum, scatter their ashes, or keep their cremated remains at home, depending on the circumstances. Alternatively, the cremated remains can be kept at home in a special place that holds a lot of meaning for you. It is possible for you to bring a cremation urn with you. Keep flowers in mind for the cemetery, as it would appreciate them. It is advisable to bring a pop-up travel chair if you are planning on spending a lot of time sitting.


The anniversary of your deceased loved one's death may still have to be observed after cremation services in West Allis, WI has been handled by the crematory. You can accomplish that by following the above tips. We are here to assist you with funeral service planning or if you just need someone to talk to.

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