Choosing The Right Headstone For Funeral Homes In New Berlin, WI


There are a lot of things to think about and plan when it comes to a funeral. You want to choose the right funeral homes New Berlin, WI, and make sure all the details are added to make the service respectful for your loved one. One of the things you need to choose is what type of headstone you will put on the grave to mark it once your loved one is buried. Headstones show everyone where your loved one is located and act as a lasting memorial to them. Here are some tips for choosing the right headstone for your loved one.


It can be hard to be able to afford a funeral with all the things you want and need. You want to make sure your loved one’s funeral goes just the way they would want it and you want to make the people who come to pay their respects comfortable. When it comes to choosing a headstone, you may be worried about the cost. You can find an affordable headstone, but you will need to decide which feature and details are worth paying for and which ones can be left off.


It's always best to check with a cemetery to see if they have rules or regulations about the headstones. Some do not allow certain sizes or styles. Some prefer to keep all the headstone uniform but others are more lenient. Some have no rules or regulations at all and allow you to put whatever type of headstone you please on the grave. The size of the headstone will have a lot to do with the price of it and the ways you can personalize it.


It’s important to personalize a headstone so you know who it belongs to. You don’t have to go overboard and can keep things simple by just adding your loved one’s name, date of birth, and the date they died. You can also choose to add photos of your loved one. They can be engraved just like words. If you don’t want to use a personal photo, you can add images of the things your loved one was passionate about instead. You have full control over what is included on the headstone, but keep in mind the more personalization options you choose, the higher the price may be.

When it comes to choosing a headstone for a loved one, you want to make smart choices and be sure to choose something that represents them well and will be a lasting memorial to them. If you need help choosing the right headstone for a loved one, be sure to keep the above tips in mind. If you need help planning funeral services at funeral homes in New Berlin, WI, be sure to reach out to the Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We are here to help you with all aspects of your funeral plans. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.



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