Cremation and Memorial Service: A Double Tribute

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Grief can take many forms and finding the right way to honor a deceased loved one can be a challenging process. For many families, merging a cremation service with a memorial celebration provides a unique and dual tribute, offering both closure and honor for the departed. Understanding the significance of a double tribute in honoring your loved ones is essential when considering cremation services Waukesha, WI. 

The Rise of Cremation Services

The cremation service has grown increasingly popular in recent years in the United States. As a more economical, environmental, and flexible alternative to a traditional burial, cremation can be the first step in the grieving process, acting as the practical, literal function of a farewell.  

The Memorial Service

A memorial service, on the other hand, allows for a personal touch. This is a chance to arrange a deeply intimate gathering of family and friends to reminisce about the departed. A memorial can occur at any time after the cremation. This allows ample opportunity for distance relatives to travel and join the occasion, creating a fitting tribute to the departed.

Combination of Cremation and Memorial Service

Combining these two acts into one commemorative event offers double comfort and closure. This process encourages healing and memory-making while creating a profoundly personal environment that caters to the emotional needs of the bereaved.   

At a memorial service following cremation, there is no body present but often the ashes in an urn, allowing for a shift in focus from the loss to the life lived. This combination serves to commemorate the physical and the emotional identities of the loved one.  

Benefits of a Double Tribute

Cost-Effective: Cremation services can significantly reduce the cost associated with traditional burials. By opting for this service, families can allocate additional resources towards creating a more personal, enduring memorial service.  

Time Flexibility: With the requirement of immediate traditional burial removed, the bereaved family has more flexibility to plan a memorial when all can attend.  

Location Choices: While burials are confined to graveyards, ashes from a cremation can be scattered or kept in a beloved place, adding a special element to the memorial service.   

Individual Reflection: The transition from cremation to a memorial service offers time and space for individual reflections, enabling members to reconcile their feelings about the departure.

Making It Personal

While the cremation process is largely standardized, memorial services are an opportunity to express diversity, individuality, and creativity, whether that's through choosing a unique location, incorporating favorite songs or readings, or displaying photos and mementos. These personalized elements create a shared understanding of the person who has passed, reinforcing their enduring presence in our lives.

Aftercare and Emotional Support

Even after the memorial service concludes, that doesn't mean support and care end there. For many bereaved individuals and families, the grieving period extends far beyond the memorial service. It's essential for those in grief to know they have ongoing support and resources available to help through this prolonged, often challenging period. Ultimately, combining a cremation and memorial service into a "double tribute" approach provides bereaved families with a comprehensive, potent way of paying homage to their loved one. As a leading provider of cremation services Waukesha, WI, we are committed to providing closure and embracing remembrance, thereby helping families heal. The process venerates the physical departure and the emotional legacy of the departed, promoting interpersonal connections, and providing time for reflection and remembrance. Are you looking for comprehensive, compassionate care during a difficult time? Trust in Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. Contact us today and let us help guide you through the process with dignity and respect. 

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