Culture & Cremation: Varied Practices Worldwide

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Cremation is not just a method of farewell; it’s a reflection of cultural norms, beliefs and centuries of tradition. Much like many places worldwide, the practice of cremation has been progressively gaining acceptance in our community. Seeing is understanding and making that first call to your local cremation services New Berlin, WI, can be a little easier when you grasp the history of this practice and its significance in different cultures world over.  


A Brief Glimpse into History  


Cremation has a rich history that dates back to prehistoric times. It gained popularity in Ancient Rome but saw a decline with the rise of Christianity. In the 19th century, it regained acceptance in several countries due to social and land-space concerns.  


Cremation Practices in the East: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism  


In Hinduism, cremation is not merely seen to dispose of the deceased body; it is a transformative ritual. Hindus believe that the fire used in a cremation ceremony purifies the soul for its journey towards rebirth.  


Buddhism and Shintoism, like Hinduism, view cremation as a rite of passage fundamental to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In the Buddhist practice, the ashes of the deceased are often kept in a sacred location. Shintoism, the indigenous faith of Japan, uses cremation in conjunction with various purifying rituals.  


Cremation as a Choice in Western Societies  


In contrast, while traditional Western funerary practices have centered on burial, modern societies are increasingly accepting cremation. This shift is due in part to practical factors like rising land space scarcity and flexibility offered in memorialization events. 


Indigenous Practices: Artistic and Respectful Farewells 


Among indigenous communities globally, cremation often holds deeply symbolic value and can involve elaborate rituals. In some Native American traditions, for instance, cremation is an opportunity to commemorate the departed with artistically crafted urns and tribal ceremonies.  


Modern Variations: The Green and Space Cremations  


Pushing the boundaries of tradition, modern variations of cremation continue to evolve. Bio-cremation, an environmentally friendlier option, uses water and alkali instead of flame. Meanwhile, space burials offer scattering ashes in space, a final frontier. These innovative approaches, each with their unique reflective aspect, expand the ways people can honor their departed beloved, bringing reassurance and comfort in the farewell process. 


Cremation, a journey from the ancient epochs, has made its way into the routines of modern societies. More than just a funeral option, it represents deep-seated beliefs, cultural norms, and a celebration of life. Understanding these practices facilitates a greater appreciation for human diversity and assuages many concerns about cremation. As you interact with your local cremation services in New Berlin, WI, you do so with the awareness that your part of a rich, global tapestry of life, remembrance, and diverse cultural practice. Remember, the choice of cremation is a personal one, and there’s comfort in knowing that, in this age-old practice, we are all more globally connected than we think. 


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