Different Types Of Bio Urns

If you have lost a loved one and have decided to have cremation services in Milwaukee, WI, you also have to think about the details of that service and what you want to do to ensure your loved one is laid to rest in a way that is meaningful to you. It is also important to decide what you will do with the ashes after the cremation. An urn made from biomaterial may be a good option if you would like to see your loved one's ashes help to grow a new life. Keep these options in mind.


Tree Urns

You can grow a beautiful plant or tree from cremated ashes in a biodegradable urn. A wide variety of trees are available for you to choose from. Think about something your family member would have liked in their garden or yard when they were alive. It can be planted in your yard or anywhere else that you like. Years from now, families can gather under this beautiful memorial to share stories, have coffee, read books, or simply reflect.


Patio Urn

When you plant an urn containing your loved one's ashes outdoors, you don't need a special place for it. Using a patio urn, you can create a living memorial by growing a beautiful houseplant or shrub in the center. You can find something that looks great on your patio and at home in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.


Scattering Urn

According to the Cremation Association of North America, over 40% of cremated remains are scattered in special places. In spite of the growing popularity of scattering, few scattering urns are available. There are some types of urns made specifically for scattering ashes. Scattering ashes in a handcrafted urn is both easy and dignified. In addition to multiple scattering urn sizes, families can combine all the cremated remains in one urn.


Small Plant Urn

If you'd like to take the idea of a wood urn one step further, you can think about a small plant urn. They come in different designs and have small holes at the top for planting succulents or other plants. With the help of magnets, everything in the urn stays in place, and when you look at the plant growing in the urn, you'll think of your loved one and know that their ashes are enabling new life to grow.


When planning to have your loved one cremated and aren't sure what to do with the ashes, consider getting a bio urn. By using your loved one's cremated remains in this way, you are helping the environment and helping something else grow. If you are planning cremation services in Milwaukee, WI, be sure to reach out to us for some help with your cremation plans. We understand it can be confusing to choose the right urn for your loved one’s ashes, but we are here to help you and work with you to make sure your loved one has a respectful funeral and cremation service and that their cremated remains are cared for properly.

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