Exploring the Choice: Cremation Services vs. Traditional Burial

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When coping with the loss of a loved one, making a choice between cremation and traditional burial can be challenging. This sensitive decision often depends on various factors including personal beliefs, culture, and affordability. To help guide you through this critical period, funeral homes New Berlin, WI, stands committed to providing comprehensive information and assistance.  

Understanding Cremation:  

Cremation, an alternative to the traditional burial, involves reducing the body to ashes in a specially designed furnace. Families choosing this process are often influenced by factors such as cost, environmental concerns, or the desire for an alternative memorial service.  

The Cost Factor:  

While costs can vary, cremation services are generally less expensive than traditional burials. They eliminate expenses related to caskets, burial plots, and gravestones. However, additional costs might arise if the family opts for special cremation urns, memorial services, or interment of ashes.  

The Process of Cremation:  

Understanding the cremation process can help individuals make an informed decision. It involves three stages: the removal and identification of the deceased, the actual cremation, and the processing of remains. The ashes are then returned to the family.  

Cultural and Personal Beliefs:  

Cultural or religious beliefs often play a significant role in choosing between cremation and burial. Some religions embrace cremation, while others strictly adhere to traditional burial. Personal beliefs about death and the afterlife can also influence this choice.  

Understanding Traditional Burial:  

A traditional burial includes three steps: the embalming of the body, a viewing or ceremony, and the burial of the casket. This offers a physical location for family and friends to visit, helping them in their grieving process.  

The Cost of Traditional Burial:  

Traditional burials are generally more expensive than cremations and involve costs like casket purchase, embalming services, and burial plot. Prices can significantly escalate with the addition of a funeral viewing and monument or gravestone.  

The Process of Traditional Burial:  

The burial process can offer closure due to its ritualistic aspects, such as the viewing, service, and physical burial. For some, these traditions are a crucial part of the mourning process.  Additionally, the enduring location of a gravesite can serve as a dedicated space for loved ones to gather, remember, and pay their respects. 

Religious Considerations:  

For many, religious beliefs are pivotal when considering a traditional burial. A few religions necessitate burial as part of their religious rites, while others have no preference between burial or cremation.


Deciding between cremation services and traditional burial is a personal choice. It often requires careful consideration of many factors, such as cultural traditions, personal beliefs, and economic circumstances. Some families find comfort in the permanence of traditional burial, while others lean toward the flexibility of cremation services. No matter your preference, remember to seek compassionate guidance and advice from professionals. Funeral homes in New Berlin, WI, are here to support and assist you during these trying times, providing empathy, understanding, and the expertise to help you make the best decisions possible. 


Ready to discuss your options further? At Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory, we are here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to set up a personal consultation. 

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