Five Ideas for a Celebration of Life Service

The death of a loved one is painful and can be difficult to handle. However, one of the best ways to cope with the pain is to ensure that their final rites are befitting. Achieving this may entail hosting a celebration of life service. Funeral homes New Berlin, WI has been active in organizing these events and can give a few insights that will help you host a memorable celebration of life service.


Engage in their Favorite Hobbies

If you knew the deceased well, chances are you're aware of their favorite hobbies. A great way to commemorate them is to organize events based on those hobbies or interests.


For instance, if the dead loved one was an athlete, you can host a surfing, hiking, or running competition. Then, you can end this with a gathering of other friends and family members to share memories of the deceased's life.

If they are lovers of the arts, you can work with a local theater club, or school to arrange an opera or drama performance.


Doing Charity in the Name of the Deceased

A great way to deal with grief is to immerse oneself in the service of others. As such, you can properly celebrate the departed beloved, while also doing good for the society, by engaging in charitable projects in their name.


To make these philanthropic acts more symbolic, you can plan them around activities, concerns, and projects that the deceased had an interest in while alive.


For instance, if they loved kids during their lifetime, you can plan a visit to an orphanage, bringing gifts and hosting a small party.


For passionate book readers, donating their favorite books to the local library is one other befitting idea.


Destination-Based Celebration

Organizing the celebration of a person's life around travel can be an effective way to achieve much-needed healing from the grief of losing such a person.


One of the best options for the travel destination is the dead person's hometown or city where they grew up.


There are nice ideas of what to do at the destination/location. For instance, if the deceased was cremated, you can scatter their ashes in symbolic places in the city. If you choose to visit their hometown, you can plant a tree in the yard at their country home.


Experts say travel is therapeutic and can help get the needed emotional restoration.


Note that it is best if it is group travel, involving closest family and friends.


Memorial Garden

You can coordinate a garden-planting event where relatives and friends bring along their favorite seedlings. You can then go around sowing the seeds into the garden. This doesn't have to be elaborate, and it's not necessary for the deceased to be interested in gardening for you to organize this.


A good location for the garden is the area around the loved one's property.


The memorial garden will help serve as a physical symbol in memory of the departed. You'll see the full-blown plants years down the line, and you'll smile. Then, remember you'll also be helping the planet.


A Musical Evening

Everyone loves music. The deceased would have had some music genres or even specific songs that they preferred. These can be the subject of a memorial service.


Gather close persons together for a night where you sing along to these musical pieces. Doing this can invoke memories of the loved one's life, and the atmosphere can become emotional. However, you will feel much better after the event.



A celebration of life service serves various purposes. For one, it brings together people who knew the deceased to commemorate the person's life. It serves therapeutic purposes and creates beautiful memories. Finally, please note that you don't need to organize any of these immediately after the deceased's passing. As gathered from funeral homes New Berlin, WI, these ideas are on the rise and still worth trying even several years after their death.

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