Having A Ceremony To Bury Cremation Ashes

The cremation services West Allis, WI, for a loved one who you wish to bury the cremated remains can include service, and there are many things to consider when planning one for your loved one.


Choose The Type Of Ceremony You Want

An individual's family will often hold a visitation, funeral, and graveside service after passing away. Several families hold two events, whereas others hold one simple ceremony. It will be determined by this decision whether a graveside service is simple or complex. In the absence of other events, most graveside services are short ceremonies of remembrance during which a loved one can express their final thoughts. 


Clear It With The Cemetery

While burying an urn is easier than burying a casket, arrangements still need to be made with the cemetery to schedule the service. The burial site for the urn needs to be prepared. You will also discuss logistics with the cemetery director during the scheduling process. Those who work at the cemetery must set up seating and shelter from the sun and rain for the service. Some cemeteries require an urn vault to be buried with an urn. This may increase burial costs. It prevents soil from collapsing during earth settlement. It will prevent damage to the urn if there is an issue. 


Arrange For Religious Support

The date and time for the service should be agreed upon by the family, the cemetery staff, and the clergy or minister of your loved one. It may be necessary to have a funeral director or friend also conduct the service for non-religious individuals. Express all your plans and goals. When readings or music weren't outlined in the end-of-life plan, they may need to be chosen. You could read the deceased's obituary and share stories during the eulogy. In most cases, the graveside service is short. The worship service may include other types of worship besides poems, music, and prayers. Depending on your needs, the service can last a long time. Make it a larger event, or keep it for immediate family only. An event intended only for family and friends may not be time-sensitive. 


Send Out Invitations

It is common to announce open graveside services and funerals in different ways. It is common for newspaper obituaries to include details about the funeral service. Details are also provided on the funeral home's website. Calling people or posting the service's details on websites and social media pages is also possible. If you want to get formal, you can even mail out announcements. 


Having cremation services West Allis, WI, can also include burying the ashes and having a ceremony when you do so. You can count on us for assistance if you decide to have a ceremony. We will work with you to customize a service to fit your needs. We will gladly provide more information if you call or stop by.

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