How To Use Sunflowers In Funeral Services

If you lose one of your family members and wonder what you can do to make their funeral services special and to use something that was important to them, maybe you might want to consider using their favorite flowers in the funeral services. You can get as created as you want with the services and find unique ways to use their flowers. If one of your loved ones enjoyed sunflowers, you may wonder how you can use them in the service. Here are some points that should be considered when making your plans for funeral homes in New Berlin, WI.


Add Them To Flower Arrangements

Sunflowers are a logical choice to use in your flower arrangements. You can talk to local flower shops to see a variety of sunflower arrangements they have made or that they can make for you and you can learn how to decorate them during the service. In addition, flowers go, florists can have other ideas that can help you expand the flowers around the service and use them to decorate other parts of the funeral homes so that more flowers are present at the service.



Sunflower dress is now very popular, even if you decide to wear something with the sunflower on it to show your favorite character, you can still ask others to dress to do the same. If you think this is what the deceased would have wanted to be buried in, you can even dress them in sunflower clothes. You can wear your own clothes if you don’t have anything with a sunflower on them, but you can include the same colors of the flowers. Giving the funeral service a sunflower theme will really allow you to show off how much your loved one liked these flowers


Add Sunflower Images

If you do not want to use real flowers or are looking for more ways to use them, you may want to imagine some of the pictures of the service. You can add sunflower photos on your memorial cards, and other things you can make special for the services. This is just a minor way to add sunflowers or colors, but when others see a member of their family, they can remind them that their loved one enjoyed them and it will make them happy to know they were a part of their services.


If you plan to have a funeral service for a family member and you are looking for a good way to add something personal and special to the service, be sure to think about their favorite flower and all the ways you can use them. If his favorite flower is a sunflower, you can keep the above tips and ideas in mind to help you integrate them into your service. When you are ready to start a funeral service plan, you need to make sure to contact Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We are here to help all your funeral planning needs at funeral homes in New Berlin, WI. Give us a phone call or stop by to get more information about our services.

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