Memorial Gifts You Can Make Yourself For Funeral Homes In Milwaukee, WI

When you are planning to attend a funeral service at the funeral home in Milwaukee, WI, you may also be thinking that you want to send a memorial gift to a close family of the deceased. There are a lot of different types of gifts to choose from but some that mean the most are those that you make on your own. You can come up with different types of gifts and get crafty to create something special and meaningful. If you need help coming up with some gift ideas, be sure to consider some of these options.


Personalized Ornaments

The holidays can be very difficult for anyone who has ever lost a loved one and when they think of the deceased they may focus on the loss. If you want to help them focus on the life their loved ones lived instead of their loss, you can make them a memorial ornament. They can choose to hang the memorial ornament on their tree or in another area of the home. Just because the ornaments are meant for the holidays doesn’t mean they can’t be left up all year long.



Sometimes the best thing you can give someone when they are experiencing a loss of comfort. You can buy many different types of blankets that can be made into memorial blankets. You can order them custom made or you can make them yourself. You can make the entire blanket or you can make a blanket that is blank and make it more personal and special. You can add special verses, use clothing that belonged to the deceased loved one, and make a blanket that is something your friends or family members will look at and remember their loved ones.



Key Chains

You never know when someone will be out and start missing their loved one. If you want to gift them with something that they can take with them everywhere they go. You can find key chains that have the name and date of death of your loved one or you can find a key chain that has a special memorial verse that reminds them to be hopeful and makes them think of the good times with their loved one. You can order the key chains and have them customized or you can make them yourself.


If you are planning on making a memorial gift for a loved one or send flowers, be sure to consider some of the above tips and suggestions. You can come up with other things that work just as well and will make the family and friends happy. When it comes time to plan a funeral service at funeral homes in Milwaukee, WI you can reach out to Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. You can give us a call or stop by to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.

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