Types Of Ashes Spreading Ceremonies

If you are going to have cremation services in Muskego, WI, you will want to know about all the options you have for spreading the ashes and having ceremonies while doing so. Here are some to consider.


Casting Ceremony

Ashes are often thought of being scattered as being thrown and dispersed into the air when people think about scattering ashes. An ash scattering ceremony of this type is called a casting ceremony. During the casting ceremony, people find that their loved one's spirit is freed or let go. A casting ceremony can take many forms. Families may choose to scatter the ashes with just one member of the family, or they may release some ashes individually. It can be customized however you like. Traditionally, families have divided up the ashes and placed them in cups for each member of the family in a symbolic toast. Ashes can be released in unison after a toast is made. You should also determine the wind's direction first. In order to avoid attendees being struck by the ashes, it is important to release them downwind.


Trenching Ceremony

Ashes are also scattered in trenches during a trenching ceremony. It involves digging a trench or hole in the ground and scattering the ashes inside. In the event of a trench or hole, the family covers it following the ceremony. Nature lovers and gardeners will enjoy trenching ceremonies. The trenching of an ash scattering trench underneath a tree or flower bed has been one of our many trenching ash scattering services. Getting creative is similar to a casting ceremony. A heart-shaped trench and a trench spelled out with the initials of a loved one are examples of trenches dug. A ringing ceremony is slightly different from a trenching ceremony. Trenches are dug in a circle around trees, flowers, or other noteworthy objects. Candles, a picture of the deceased, or perhaps a favorite jersey are some of the memorials that families choose for the center of the ring.


Sky or Aerial Ceremony

In recent years, aerial ash scattering has become increasingly popular. The ashes of your loved one will be released into the sky by a private company. Hang gliders, helicopters, hot air balloons, and planes can all be used for aerial scattering. There is one downside to this type of ceremony in that you usually cannot fly with your loved one's ashes in the plane. Flying along may cost an additional fee with some companies, but space and attendees are limited. Before boarding the plane, many families will organize a small ceremony with music, prayers, and speeches since families cannot be involved in the scattering part of the service. Ground-level observers can observe aerial ash scattering on a clear day. As a keepsake, families can also take photos of the scattering from the aircraft.


If you are thinking about having cremation services in Muskego, WI for a loved one nad need to know about your options for spreading the ashes, be sure to think about all these suggestions and options.

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