What Can You Wrap A Body In For Cremation Services?

You may also think about wrapping the body in something before it is cremated if you have chosen cremation services in New Berlin, WI for your loved one. Adding a personal touch to the services can be a good way to make them stand out. Make sure you keep some of these suggestions in mind when deciding what to wrap the body in when deciding on the wrapping. You don’t have to wrap your loved one’s body in anything if you don’t want to, but if you prefer to think of them wrapped in something comforting, there are different options to keep in mind.



There is a misconception that the only way a body can be cremated is when it is naked. It may be possible for you to arrange for your loved one to be cremated in the clothing of your choice. Often, people choose their own clothes for cremation and will ask that friends and family ensure they are cremated in those clothes. Should your loved one not have chosen an outfit, you can. The outfit that your loved one will wear during the viewing may be chosen and then worn for the cremation if you plan to have a viewing before the cremation.



You may want to have a favorite blanket cremated with your loved one if they had one. In addition to wrapping the body in a blanket or covering it, the blanket can be used to cover the cremated remains. Having something comforting for them to take into the next life or to have when they spend their final moments on earth can provide you with a sense of peace. For services, you can also make or purchase a new blanket, should your loved one not have a favorite blanket.



A simple fabric of your choice can work just fine for covering your loved one's grave. You may not want to think of your loved one being buried without any covering. Others choose something comfortable, such as fleece or cotton, while others choose silk for its softness and luxury. To cover or wrap the body, you will need enough fabric. You should also make sure the crematory will accept the fabric and will not mind incinerating it. Some materials may not be able to be cremated with your loved one, so be sure to check before you choose one.


There are several options you can select from when you have to plan cremation services in New Berlin, WI, and want your loved one to be cremated in something. If the crematory allows you to use the covering, you can choose any type of covering. Be sure to consider the tips and ideas above when you are making your plans for cremation services. Our cremation and funeral planning services are also available to you. We invite you to call us or visit our office to learn more about the services we offer.

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