Where to Display Cremated Remains in Your Home

Does your family want to bring a loved one’s cremated remains home with you following their cremation services Milwaukee, WI so that you can put them on display? This is one of the most popular options among families trying to decide what to do with a loved one’s remains. Before you make the decision to do it, you and your family should think about where exactly you will display the remains in your home. Take a look at several of your top options below.



Would you like to have your loved one’s remains be the first thing that people see when they enter your home and the last thing that they see when they leave it? Then you might want to kick around the idea of displaying their remains in your home’s foyer after their cremation. This might not be the perfect spot to put someone’s remains if you have kids or pets that could potentially knock them over. But if you know that you’ll be able to keep them safe, your foyer could be a great place to put the remains.


Living room

Do you want to be able to spend time with your loved one’s remains when you’re spending time with the rest of your family? Another good place to put them might be in your living room. This will be an especially good idea if you have a fireplace mantel or even just a floating shelf that you can use to house your loved one’s remains. You’re going to feel your loved one’s presence all around you when you place their remains in a centralized location like your living room.


Home office

Are you interested in being around your loved one’s remains as much as you can when you first bring them back home? You might want to stick them in a home office if that’s where you do most of your work throughout the week. You’ll know that your loved one’s remains will be safe in a place like this. You’ll also be able to have your loved one’s remains around for hours on end when you put them somewhere that you know you’ll be spending a bunch of your time.


Dining room

Is your family the kind of family that gathers around the dining room table for meals on a regular basis? If this sounds like you, your dining room could be yet another great place to put a loved one’s remains. If you happen to have a hutch in your dining room, you can stick your loved one’s remains into it for safekeeping. You and your family will enjoy having your loved one around when you get together for delicious meals.


Before families can pick a place to put their loved one’s remains, they have to hold cremation services Milwaukee, WI for them. We can assist you in putting cremation plans together at our funeral home. Give us a call now to begin planning a cremation for your loved one.

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