Why Bury Ashes After Cremation

If you plan to provide cremation services for your loved one, one thing you should plan is how you will dispose of the ashes of the deceased. You can do whatever you want to them, but many people decide to bury them. You may be wondering if the burial of ashes is the right choice. Here are some tips to help you more easily plan your cremation services Milwaukee, WI.



Funerals can be expensive but you can save money and still give your loved one a nice service by choosing cremation and burying the remains afterward. By burying the ashes, you can still have a place to visit your loved ones and even allow others to come to pay their respects. You can also take advantage of affordable cremation and traditional funerals. You won’t have to worry about paying a lot to have a viewing but you will feel good about giving your loved one the perfect cremation that they would be honored with.


Easy And Fast

Sometimes you can’t take the time for a funeral service or ceremony and you just need to come up with something that is respectful and fast. You don’t have to worry about planning a large funeral, and you may even be able to save a little money in the process. In some cases, you can even bury your ashes in a location where you feel comfortable. If you plan to bury your loved one in a cemetery, you will need to work in accordance with these plans and still need to buy a cemetery. If you want, you can also buy them a headstone and place it at the burial location.


You always want to treat the remains of your loved one with respect and cremation is a good way to do that while also sticking to a budget and a simple plan. Most people are more familiar with the process of a traditional funeral and burial and would prefer a cremation that goes with that idea. If you want to have a place where you can visit the last resting place of your loved ones and even decorate it, you can add a headstone or grave marker. You can also talk to family and friends to make sure they participate in this kind of funeral and let them know where they can visit if they want to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones.


Cremation services are a wonderful option for a loved one and you may decide that you want to bury the ashes when the services are complete at the crematory. You also need to consider how to dispose of the ashes after cremation services in Milwaukee, WI is complete. The above suggestions are just a few to consider. You may find other options that are more suitable for you. If you are ready to start making a cremation plan, be sure to contact the Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We are happy to help you develop a plan and work with you to dispose of the ashes in the way you choose.

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