Why Do People Want to Watch the Cremation Process?

The concept of cremation being sterile and industrial is often misunderstood. There continues to be a bad reputation associated with cremation in the US, mostly as a result of people envisioning it happening in a cold environment like a morgue or hospital. Increasingly, people are interested in understanding and participating in cremation. Often, that process involves witnessing cremations. The following are some of the benefits of witnessing a cremation. When planning cremation services in New Berlin, WI for a loved one, you may want to consider the following reasons.



In many cases, family members and friends watch the casket being lowered. A handful of dirt may even be thrown on top of the grave before it is closed. Witnessing a burial in this manner provides families with the opportunity to lay their loved ones to rest. They can say their goodbyes in a final farewell. Many people find comfort in seeing a cremation as well. By seeing your loved one cremated, you can gain a deeper understanding of their death. In addition, it allows you to grieve in a healthy manner by dealing with your emotions and sadness.


Bad Publicity

Furthermore, people also choose to witness cremations in order to ensure the staff adheres to best practices. When cremation operators identify remains and bodies, the process is carried out correctly. Cremation facilities typically use steel toe-tags with vital information about the deceased. Many cremation facilities fail to follow these standard procedures, mistreating the deceased or mixing up remains as a result. When ashes are delivered correctly, a family's loved one's ashes can be assured that they were handled with respect and dignity.


Religious Beliefs

Furthermore, some religious traditions, such as Hinduism, require witnesses to attend cremations. If your religion adheres to this belief, some of your family members may be required to attend the services. Cremations are not required in some religions, and you can choose whether or not to witness them.



Depending on how they felt about not being included in your cremation plans, your family and friends may want to attend the cremation as well. By watching it, they will have a sense that they were with the deceased during their last moments. If you are looking for a way to make sure everyone who knew the deceased has closure, this can be a good way to allow for that. You can also let everyone decide if they want to witness it or not.


The funeral director at the funeral home should discuss cremation witnessing with you, funeral homes contract out cremation services. The crematory may be located on the premises of some funeral homes. The funeral director can decide whether you can witness the cremation services in New Berlin, WI, or not. If witnessing the cremation is very important to you, you can transfer the body to a crematory that offers the service. It might cost you a little bit of money to transport your luggage, but it might be worth it in the end.

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