Homemade Gifts To Send To Funeral Homes In New Berlin, WI

It’s customary to send gifts to the family members and friends of a deceased person. Many people choose to order flowers or other gifts and have them sent to the funeral homes in New Berlin, WI, where the funeral is taking place. If you can’t afford to order a gift or would just prefer to make your own so it’s more personal, there are plenty of DIY gifts that are acceptable to send to a funeral home. Here are a few ideas.


Faux Flowers


Live flowers can be expensive, and they don’t last a long time. Sure, they look nice when displayed at the funeral and make a great keepsake for families, but if everyone is sending flowers to a funeral the family may feel overwhelmed. If you want to make something that can be displayed at the funeral but also kept for many years, you may choose to make a faux flower arrangement. You can arrange flower baskets, bouquets, or even make grave baskets that can be placed on top of the casket or burial spot once the funeral is complete.




Wreaths are a good item to make for a funeral because they can be displayed at the viewing and then sent home with family members. Wreaths can be hung on a door or a wall and you can make them special by adding photos or small trinkets that remind the family of their deceased loved one. Wreaths are affordable and can even be displayed on the casket during viewing or the headstone after the burial. You can even make more than one so several family members can have something to take with them after the funeral.




Centerpieces can be ordered from florists, but you can also make them yourself. They can consist of anything that is eye-catching and is typically centered around a candle, photo, or even a lantern. You can add flowers, greenery, ribbons, and other things to the centerpiece. It can be displayed at the funeral, used for any memorial dinners, and then taken home by family members where they can use it as a centerpiece at their own dinner table, or display it on a shelf or side table in their home.


If you are planning to attend a funeral of a friend or family member and want to make a gift that can be displayed at the funeral but also taken home and kept by the family of the deceased, you may want to try one of the options around. You can send your gift to funeral homes in New Berlin, WI, or straight to the home of the family. If you are planning a funeral yourself, you can call the Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We can help you make your plans and decide which gifts to display at the funeral. We will also accept gifts on your behalf and arrange them during the viewing. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs.

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