Natural Ways To Spread A Loved One’s Ashes

If your loved one is going to cremate their body, you can choose how to distribute their ashes after the cremation services in New Berlin, WI. The possibilities are endless, but some people prefer something natural that allows their loved ones to become a part of nature and the earth. That could mean mixing the ashes with flowers, seeds, or even planting them in a garden or flower bed where you are visiting and feel close to them. If your loved one enjoys gardening or the outdoors, this can be a wonderful option for dealing with their ashes and saying your goodbyes one last time. Here are some natural ways to distribute the burning ashes among loved ones at the right time.


Scatter wildflower seeds on top

What better way to remember your loved one than walking past a field of wildflowers and getting to know they are planted there? You can mix the ashes with wildflower seeds and plant them in a special place. If you grow it on public land or where you don't own it. You may need permission from the city or landlord before dropping the ashes or planting flowers. You can also plan it in your home flower bed to feel close to your loved ones every time new plants grow.


Plant A Tree

You can plant the ashes of your loved ones in a tree and watch them grow. There are several possibilities for this. You can choose to spread the ash around the base of the tree and then water the tree to soak the ash into the soil, or you can plant a new tree and water the ashes as you plant it all together. There are also pots or bowls that hold and release the ashes so that over time and as it slowly grows, the ash becomes part of the tree.


Mix With Garden Soil

If you have a garden or are planning to create one, you may choose to mix the ashes with the soil. You can grow whatever you want knowing that the person you love is a part of it. You can plant any plant or flower you like in the garden and you will always know that the person you love is close by. You can spread the ash loosely and mix it with the soil, or you can add a pod, which is degradable and won't harm the plants because it will decompose and leave your loved one's ashes on the ground.


If you are planning to cremate a loved one, want to keep them close to you, and help them become part of nature, you have several options. The above suggestions can only be considered as a few of them. If you need help scheduling cremation services in New Berlin, WI, please contact Bevsek-Verbick Funeral Home and Crematory. We are here for you in all funeral and burial matters. Contact us today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you make your plans the way you want them to be.

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